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Royal thai massage

"Nuat phaen boran" (นวด แผน โบราณ) is the Thai name for a type of massage found only in Thailand. "Nuat" means "massage", "phaen" can be translated as "way", and "boran" is Thai for "old".

Thai massage is a form of body therapy that has become popular in the West as tourists have returned home from vacation and tried the massage in Thailand.

Without the use of oil
The massage processes the body's energy meridians using pressure points and yoga-like stretches, which together form a balanced experience.

Thai massage differs most from other forms of massage in that no oil is used. In addition, the massage is performed on a firm, comfortable mattress - not on a bench - and you do not have to take off all your clothes.

The massage mixes pressure and stretch and does well if the body feels stiff and tired after work or sports.

Several benefits
Thai massage helps for greater strength and flexibility, relaxes sore or tense muscles and can help prevent injuries due to greater mobility.

This, of course, requires more than one treatment.

If you are an arthritis patient, you should not receive Thai massage, but instead normal oil massage.

You can read about Thai massage. But of course it gives a much better impression when you try it on your own body.

Treat yourself to that experience - call 5023 5409 and book an appointment today.

30 min.
60 min.


Royal thai massage 
350 kr.
550 kr.

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