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Questions and answers

Question: Is massage only for men?
Answer: Massage with us is for both women and men. More than every 4th customer in the clinic is a woman.

Question: Is body massage the whole body?
Answer: Body massage is the whole body with the exception of the erogenous zones. Absolutely no forms of sexual services are provided. However, our dokkun senses involve massage of the erogenous zones but do not contain sex.

Question: Can I come and get a regular back massage?
Answer: Of course. If you only want massage of eg back or legs, we do it or let us know if you have a specific problem so there is extra focus on this.

Question: My husband and I would like to have a massage at the same time. Is it possible with you?
Answer: We have a double room-room with two couches-where it is possible for couples and friends to get a massage at the same time. As long as you say that you want a massage together, when you book an appointment, we reserve the double room for you.

Question: I am a girl who would like to book an appointment with you, but I do not want to be massaged by a man. Can I request it when booking the time?
Answer: We currently only employ female masseurs, so we dare to promise that it will also be a woman who will massage you.

Question: Do I have to bring towels, sheets, etc. for massage and possibly a subsequent bath?
Answer: We have everything you need for clean towels, etc. - even if you want a bath before or after the massage. So you do not have to think about it.

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